For our History Buffs

Steeped in history, Prescott-Russell and its eight municipalities hold well-kept secrets and have a lot to tell! For those who like to learn about history; whether historical facts or ancient objects. Here are the key locations TPRT certified to discover.


To begin, the St-Albert Cheese Factory celebrated its 175 years of existence this year. It was in 1894 that the factory was born! Having gone through several difficult moments due to a fire, the community has rolled up their sleeves and rebuild it in a beautiful way. Curious to learn about the St-Albert’s famous curds? It's possible! The walls of the new factory tell the story of the creation of the cooperative, the history of the founders and the union of farmers who kept the plant alive.


In the Clarence-Rockland area is the Rockland Museum where any history fanatic will find something he hasn't seen before. The building itself is part of the municipality's heritage. It is located in the building formerly known as the Ste-Famille School, built in 1909. Inside, you can discover all sorts of treasures: antiques, old tools, books, archives, old photos and even a dinosaur egg! In addition the entrance is free. What are you waiting for?


The L’Orignal Old Jail is one of the most fascinating places ... if you are not afraid of ghosts! Opened in 1825, L'Orignal Prison was the oldest prison still in operation in Ontario, until it was closed in 1998. Guided tours are offered to sneak into the prisoner’s cells and live the experience to the max!


The Cultural Center Le Chenail, favorite spot to many, is located on the edge of the Ottawa River. Le Chenail is an old building built in 1835 and used as the head office for the forest industry. Various arts and heritage exhibitions are in progress in this building during the year to cultivate your senses!


The Macdonell-Williamson House, for its part, was built by John Macdonell, a fur trader, in 1817. It was acquired by the Ontario Heritage Foundation to save it. You can visit it since the historical and cultural resources have been preserved.


Now, what are you waiting for? Go on and be adventurous in Prescott-Russell today!

Prescott-Russell is so cool!

Summer is still winding up! The sun is not slowing down anytime soon. Stay fresh and stay cool! Pools, kayaks, beaches, ice cream and much more! 


Calypso Waterpark - The best waterpark attraction in the region will surely make your day a whole lot cooler! Slides with very unique themes, such as fast track, Kongo Expedition, Vertigo, Turbulence and much more! Ah, the sun is not the only summer attraction!


Oasis Mini-Golf - Near Calypso Waterpark, this mini-golf has water jets that will keep you cool while having fun! Another great adventure with friends and family: putting has never been this cool. 


O’Shack - This Hawkesbury rental centre, offers you more than the sun can handle, such as renting a kayak, stand-up paddle board, pedal-boats and much more! Dive into the region!


Campings - The region has so many campgrounds it has nature itself longing to camp here! Beaches, ice cream and pools: Camping Paradis Bourget, Cedar Shade Campground, Evergreen Camping & Resort, L’Orignal Municipal Camping, and Voyageur Provincial Park!


Fromagerie St-Albert Coop - Although this place doesn’t have a pool or a beach, it still offers you an excellent way to stay fresh: ice cream! Make sure you get your full supply of curds!


In Prescott-Russell, we harvest coolness.


Family Activities in Prescott-Russell

Dear parents who are out of ideas, know that we have a bunch for you right here, so do continue reading this blog! Dear children who are in dire need of activities, also know that we have a lot of them throughout the following lines! And for anybody else that wants something to do, well, WE HAVE SOLUTIONS! Let's stop running around and start our compilation! 


Calypso - Oh yes! Splash pads, amazing slides, blissful parks, as well as cantines on the spot for amazing food and snacks for you! Have an amazing day in this water park at a very reasonable cost!


Oasis Mini-Golf - Keeping you close to Calypso, before or after you go to the park, visit the Oasis Mini-Golf to have a little round of mini-golf with your family and friends to have a day filled with fun! You can also bring your tees for Golf if that is more your thing! They also offer amazing snacks!


Apex Escape Rooms - Apex Escape Rooms offers you an out of this world challenge, with multiple mystery rooms where you have to crack codes, as you are up against the clock ! Don’t forget to turn your brain switch on before going there!


Ouimet Farms Adventure - They are celebrating their 100th anniversary in style! A corn maze, a cart ride, access to the park with a jumping pad, ziplines and much more! Come see if you can survive the maze!


Camping - Whether it’d be for a day, a weekend or for the full season, you are sure to love the tranquility of the countryside at one of our many amazing campings! Get reacquainted with nature, lie in the water or swim all day, relax and to take in your free time! 


Recreational Trail of Prescott-Russell - If you’re looking for more of a biking day, well we have an excellent trail in the region ! With more than 72 km of trail, whether paved or covered with stone dust, get out for a nice family excursion! Get on your bike and ride the trail! 


Microbreweries - For those of you whose kids are getting older, get to know them even better or have a casual night with them, and maybe invite friends as well, visit our microbreweries for an excellent beer selection and amazing terroir products to complement it all!


Time spent with loved ones is time best spent. In Prescott-Russell, we harvest precious moments.

An Artistic and Cultural Experience in Prescott-Russell

Come discover the region’s heritage-based, cultural and artistic wealth! 


Le Chenail Cultural Centre - Exhibits galore! Don’t miss out on local creativity! As a matter of fact, two of them are featured at this very moment. You can admire the artwork while sipping a freshly brewed coffee and nibbling on delicious snacks. While you’re at it, take in the magnificent view of the Ottawa River!


Popsilos - A circuit of cylindrical murals, Popsilos, is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Stop at St-Albert Cheese Factory Co-op or at Beau’s for a fill-up!  


Arbor Gallery - Exhibits by renowned artists, both daring and profoundly sensitive, within the friendly confines of a charming Victorian house! 


Sienna Gallery - Not only is it a store that frames diplomas, photos and much more, but it also showcases local artists who contribute to the creative heritage and cultural identity! 


La Maison des Arts - Singing and dance classes, as well as visual art workshops! Exhibits are also taking place; be amazed by talented local artists!  


CAPRAC -  The Prescott-Russell Arts Council recently opened its virtual gallery, which you can access anytime! You may purchase a wide range of artworks and media! 


MIFO -  MIFO is a true art hub: shows, concerts, classes, exhibits and much more! Visit its website for a full list of what they offer!


Come discover our wonderful region, its culture and its heritage through its artistic expression! In Prescott-Russell, we grow art! 

A culinary experience in Prescott-Russell

We know for a fact that Prescott-Russell has lots of activities, but our wonderful region also has a plethora of options for gourmets and foodies alike! From pizzas, to amazing burgers to meals with names we can hardly pronounce, you’ll get your money’s worth... and your appetite’s worth!


We present to you a sample of the Prescott-Russell culinary spirit!


1) Perfect for those who love the Pick-Your-Own season, which is in full stride: Raspberry and blueberry dumplings. Visit this link to find out more about this amazing recipe!


2) Barbecued tomato nachos! Do I really need to say more to whet your appetite? The recipe is here.


3) Pasta fan? Greenhouse tomato and pepper pasta, mhmm… simply past(a)oral! The complete guide is here


Are you looking for places to buy your ingredients or even ready-made meals? Prescott-Russell has lots of them, but here are our favorites!


L’Orignal Packing - With lots of meats, local products and frozen fruits and vegetables, they have many options for you!


St-Albert Cheese Factory Co-op - Renowned for it excellent cheeses and curds, the perfect complement!


Orchards - Great orchards to choose from for fruit to color your meals or even wine to pair with your new recipe!


Chez L’Boulanger - A great table with perfect ambiance!


La Binerie Plantagenet - Get your fix of beans!


Vankleek Hill Farmers Market - Local products available on the spot for all your culinary needs. 

Don’t forget to visit our microbreweries to have a good refreshment with those succulent meals! What better than a good beer to spice up your meal?

Rain or Shine!

We all know that Mother Nature is the master of our fate in this world when it comes to weather, and that is emphasized in a rural region like Prescott-Russell. This doesn’t keep us from having fun, though, on the contrary ! The following is a series of options for when it's sunny and hot outside, but also for when it’s gloomy and wet! Bustling spots and places, all for fun and friendliness!

Sunny Day - It's a hot and sunny day, albeit with a few clouds? Take it all in and get outside!


Orchards - In family, alone or with friends, dive into the Pick-Your-Own season!


Parks - Visit our many parks in the region for a great family day in the great outdoors!


Golf Clubs and Mini-Golf - We have four golf clubs and one mini-golf, so take your tees and go for it!


Calypso - Too hot outside? Slide and swim at Calypso !


Papanack Zoo - Many rare animals you’ll want to feed or cuddle all day long!


Camping - Many campgrounds are available in our region for an overnight stay in the calmest areas nature has to offer!


Popsilos - Discover Prescott-Russell through our Popsilos circuit!


Rainy Day - It's rainy outside or you’re stuck under a thick steel sky? Don’t you worry!


Apex Escape Rooms - Codes, riddles, locks… and time is ticking! Excitement and uneasiness at once!


Our microbreweries - Here is our most recent blog on the topic, for a perfect activity!

Shopping - Many stores offer you the best to suit your needs… and fill your whims! For example, Sports Experts, VéloXpress and Quad Experts offer you equipement to make the next sunny day even more enjoyable!


Garden Path Homemade Soap - Relax: you have nothing better to do!


Binerie Plantagenet or St-Albert - Even indoors, you’ll need to get your fill!




Apex Escape Rooms -Crack the code… to laughter and shivers!


L’Orignal Old Jail -The last operating jail in Ontario!


Binerie Plantagenet or St-Albert - Curds or Beans? When would you not like that?


As we know and have lived by now, nature changes from day to day and week to week, but fun-seeking is always the main purpose! Now, stop looking at your phone or electronic device and discover Prescott-Russell! We harvest fun.

Ride in Prescott-Russell!

Top-quality paths and trails! Breathtaking landscapes that never get old! Friendly people that will take you beyond the scenery! All of that and more is in our backyard, in Prescott & Russell! It's the perfect time to take your bikes out or to get one at one of our many retailers! Here below, you will find a list of ideas we have jotted down for you, to get some family time, activities with friends or alone admiring the counties we have!


Do you know that we have a Recreational Trail in Prescott-Russell?! 72-kilometer long, It connects most our counties, as well as trails and circuits that run from Quebec & Ottawa! Paved or covered with stone-dust, they make for an absolutely smooth ride! Ride comfortably, stress-free, for hours, enjoying the moment and the sights and sounds the region provides. The trail is equipped with pavilions and portable toilets; all you’ll need is your water bottle! Take a peek at our cycling map to find out more.  


Looking for an off-road experience in Prescott-Russell? Here's what we have for you! (Larose Forest)


Are you looking for a bike, bike wear or cycling equipment needed to have the best ride?! Here are some of our best regional stores that offer all of these services!


Sports Experts Hawkesbury. Renowned for their impeccable customer service, Sports Experts is one of the best destinations for any sports item! Knowledgeable employees have all the grounds covered!


VéloXpress. A personalized service to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations! With just about every piece equipment imaginable and great service, nothing gets overlooked! You have a bike, but don’t know what to do next? Sign up at one of their events

Rockland Sports. Renowned for their bilingual customer service as well, they offer top of the line GIANT bikes! A technician is on hand daily to make sure your bike is more than ready for your next endeavour. You will even want to have a look at one of their spas to indulge in the perfect après-bike.


Its sunny and it's hot outside! This makes me so thirsty; how you? It’s time to embark on a journey and one of our best circuits: beautiful Prescott-Russell’s microbreweries! The best beers around are in our own backyard, with unique hints and flavours! It’ll make you want to compare them all responsibly!


Located in Embrun, Tuque de Broue, with its caring, sociable and charismatic owner, will have you stay not only for the amazing beer it brews, but also to learn about its amazing process and products! Whether it’d be for their famous Tuque Dorée, its Barbe Blanche or its Cavalerie d’houblons, its selection will leave your palate longing for more. Planning a wedding or looking for a place to do a BBQ and get amazing cold beer? Come to Tuque de Broue! You won’t be leaving empty-handed!


Located in the heart of Embrun, Étienne Brûlé offers no less than nine biologically certified local beers. Not only will the incredible team show off its flow of colours and aromas for you, but it also serves great food, so you can stop for a drink and eat at the same time ! Renowned for its amazing wings, smoked meat and nachos you won’t want to leave this heavenly place! Fun night with friends? Business lunch? Or simply a tour of the brewery? It’ll go beyond your expectations!


Did you know that Cassel Brewery just got a new home? It is now part of a restaurant, which makes it a pub, offering you great food, great beer and an amazing atmosphere! If you’re part of a group of at least four people, register for a guided tour of the brewery for more insight into its history! It’s truly fascinating and shows off the city of Casselman! Hop on the Cassel train for an exciting ride!


Beau’s is now available throughout Canada, and we are very proud of it. Beer, wine, a podcast, a blog; what more could Beau’s have? Located in Vankleek Hill, it is proud of its farming roots and keeps harvesting success since 2006, 7 days a week!


All in all, if you were wondering where you could get great beer, look no further than Prescott-Russell! Don’t forget to visit the St-Albert Cheese Factory while you visit Tuque de Broue, Étienne Brûlé or Cassel Brewery! When you visit Beau’s, don’t forget to visit the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market! We harvest the perfect meals and beverages!


U-Pick season has just started!

This is the long-awaited moment of the year: self-picking is underway! What's more mouth-watering than having a nice day in the sun picking fruits and vegetables, then coming back home and cooking a fresh delicious dish? Here are the three essential spots where you can harvest a wide variety of them.


Proulx Maple & Berry Farm

Are you up for baking a good homemade strawberry or raspberry pie? Proulx Maple & Berry Farm has the main ingredients you need! Roll up your sleeves and come pick these berries with family, friends or by yourself. This farm also has sweet corn, honey and garden vegetables; what more could you be asking for? Make sure to end your day at their booth filled with delicious products.


Les Fruits du Poirier Farm

How about delightful jam? On toasts, pancakes, on everything! You’re right at home, at Ferme Les Fruits du Poirier, where you can pick your own fruit and then make jam in their brand new commercial kitchen. Simply a treat! The family farm gives you the chance to taste unusual fruit such as black raspberries, currants, gooseberries, Saskatoon berries, and their trademark camerise berries.


Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm

Did you know that blueberries have many positive effects on health? It is at Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm that you must go and pick them! They are fresh, juicy and sweet, therefore perfect for recipes and even more delicious when you have picked them yourself!


They are ripe for the picking!


2019 Canada Day : Come celebrate in Prescott and Russell

Prescott and Russell is THE place to be on Canada Day this year! Take part in family activities and attend the many shows, be astonished by street performance, have a (local!) beer among friends, relatives and people you will get to know right away, watch your kids conquer the inflatable structures, and the water slide. Visit the art exhibit, take a guided pontoon tour and marvel at fireworks to end your fun-filled day with a blast.

Nothing beats being near the Nation’s Capital, in the friendly confines of the countryside and in the great outdoors, in Prescott and Russell, to celebrate Canada! It is really the best of both worlds: a great vibe throughout our municipalities and clean air all around.
Please click on the pictures below to access the complete list of activities :



Ottawa River Festival 2019

Come for a splash at the Ottawa River Festival, from June 28 to 30, in Rockland, Du Moulin Park.The program offers a great variety and is sure to include everyone in a dynamic atmosphere: movies under the stars, beer garden, Kids Fun Zone that includes Inflatable Structures and face painting, Artists’ Association Art Exhibit, Professional Water Sports Stunt Shows that includes wakeboarding, Fire and Ice Comedy Science Show, Edge Water Car Show, try a paddle boat or a kayak, and finally a Dr. Bone Kids Show.


Click on the following images to learn more about the activities.


Le Chenail - What’s New?

Many folks from the Prescott-Russell region know the small island close to Hawkesbury, however do you know all the history behind it? Here are a few interesting facts about the site. Today on the Chenail, only one building is still standing : the old administrative office of the biggest sawmill under the British Empire of the 17th century. This sawmill was a big piece to build the local economy and a cornerstone to found the city of Hawkesbury and its surroundings. Later on, in the 1930’s, due to the closing of the sawmill, a dam was built and rose the water levels up to a point where we now have approximately only ⅓ of the original island.


Le Plateau coffee shop and arts exposition


Till this day, the old administrative office has been transformed into a really nice coffee shop where you can enjoy coffee, tea and snacks as well as free WIFI : the perfect spot for work.

Without forgetting the essential, Le Plateau is also the Chenail Cultural Centre. Art expositions are happening regularly free of charge and open to everyone. Tomorrow is the opening day of the Pride & Glory expo, a return in time with the history of the sawmill. To see : 140 heritage photos with descriptions; century old business receipts from a collection of 3960 pieces; history panels; detailed maps as early as 1832; 25lb leather bound ledgers; artifacts and a video of a sawmill and lumberjacks with horses. The Recycl’art Hawkesbury expo is also ongoing showing regional and national talents with art made from recycled pieces of different materials.


Boats, kayaks and cie


It is also great to mention, Le Chenail is the perfect spot to enjoy the water during summer’s heat. Many spots are available to visitors to unload their boats, fish or even view a beautiful sunset by the water. Picnics area are available and outdoor bathrooms.


It is to be noted that many other activities are planned for the months of September and October. Keep your eyes open for their events and take a look at their website for more info :

What to do for Father’s Day this year? TPRT got some ideas for you!


Every year this moment comes around and takes us by surprise. We do not know what to do to celebrate our dear father. For sure, we can buy him a card, personalised gift or even chocolate, but nothing beats a family experience and the building of unforgettable moments and souvenirs with our dad.


Here are a few ideas TPRT approved for this year Father’s Day!


If you have yet to buy a gift for your dad, going towards a sport option, it's impossible to go wrong! You can visit the Sports Expert retailer in Hawkesbury and buy him sports articles that he doesn’t have, or even better, buy him something new and make him try something different! Whether it is a bike, a simple T-shirt or a new tennis racket, it's the intention that counts! Also, many rebates are available at the moment for Father’s Day such as: 20% of clothes and shoes for men! Click here for the full information!

A family diner experience certainly tastes good for us, but so does it for our great fathers! Brian's Bar & Grill in Casselman, family restaurant in the region can give you just that! Or even, want to cook at home? L’Orignal Packing can give you all the ingredients you need for the perfect meal, especially to start BBQ season. Are you searching for a fun night to chat with your dad whilst drinking local beer? Beau’s All Natural Co. offers a free glass of beer this Sunday for all dads!


Looking for an activity that can maximize quality family time? Choose one of our many golf clubs in the region or take part in our bike trails around Prescott-Russell. You want the golf and Brunch combo? Casselview Golf Course gives it to you this Sunday June 16th 2019! Reserve your spot right now : 613-798-4653 or by email at!


It is important to remember that Sunday is for our father’s, to prioritize quality family time with him. From all of our TPRT summer team 2019, we wish you the best weekend and a great Father’s Day!




The 2019 Season Is Underway at Calypso!

Calypso, Canada's biggest and greatest theme waterpark, opened June 7th for a new season! Thrill seekers are in for a breathtaking experience with its 35 heated waterslides, its two heated theme rivers and Canada's largest wave pool. Those who would rather spend the day relaxing can enjoy the comfort and intimacy of the cabanas and suites, with lounge chairs, water bottles, an independent user-controlled speaker and free WiFi internet access. 

It might well be the perfect way to make it a stay and visit the region, indulging in its unique terroir delights, taking part in a few of its numerous events and being active yet amazed by the great outdoors that define it. Book your accommodation right away! (see map):

14 min - Casselodge B&B
16 min - Cedar Drive B&B
22 min – Au Bois Dormant B&B
22 min – La Galerie d'en Avant B&B
35 min - Ogenêt B&B & Receptions
40 min - Victorian B&B
54 min - Petals 1865 B&B
55 min - Abadin B&B

19 min - Camping Paradis Bourget
23 min - East Haven Sun Club
45 min - Evergreen Camping & Resort
48 min - Voyageur Provincial Park
55 min - L’Orignal Camping
16 min - Casselman-Microtel Hotel
35 min - River Rock Inn
42 min - Place 19-67 Motel
50 min - Quality Inn & Suites
You want to have fun in the sun at Calypso? Visit their website and purchase your ticket online today!

Top FORE (4) spots for golf enthusiasts in Prescott & Russell

Prescott and Russell may well be your home and happy place, but do you know where exactly you could be playing golf and enjoying the sport as much as possible!? Well, that is where we come in and give you that information. Below is our top 4 spots to golf in the region.

Hawkesbury Golf & Curling. The place that offers the most mature golf terrains will make sure you enjoy your passage there whether you come alone or in groups! Open to the public and to members!


Casselview Golf Club. Want to plan an event? This is the place for you, and if you are looking for a challenge, they have that as well with close to 12,000 square feet of amenities.


Nation Golf Club. 9 & Dine special makes this place renowned for its prices and good packages! Every Wednesday night you can have amazing fun as this year is their 25th Anniversary, so they want to make it special for you and them!   


Rockland Golf Club. Want to play golf, but it’s your first time? Well this Golf Club has an amazing ProShop where you will have everything you need to start enjoying Golf, on top of having an amazing course!


Whether you are alone or not, from the region or elsewhere, these golf clubs are renowned for their services, and are proud to have them in our beautiful region of Prescott & Russell. Click on the links for more information on them and where to find them.


Now that summer has arrived and the sun is back with it, it is time to get outside and play some golf, whether with family and/or friends, these golf clubs will make sure you enjoy the most of it! Summer is back, make sure this year’s is a good one and go golf!


Top 3 Rainy Day Activities

The weather is not cooperating and outdoor activities are rained out? Here are three ways of learning and having fun while the sun is recharging!

A ton of art-driven venues will brighten your day. Vankleek Hill’s Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre will seduce you with its brand new exhibition. Entitled Suspended Phytology, the works created by Maria-Helena Pacelli will charm you until August 26th. Volunteers will welcome you with open arms... It is sure to brighten your day! Furthermore, go to Rita Iriarte Studio & Art Gallery, in Chute-à-Blondeau, where compelling, daring and mesmerizing paintings will leave you breathless. Sienna Gallery is a perfect out-of-the-ordinary place to visit on a rainy day. It focuses primarily in framing of all kinds; yet, it is also a store! Visit the gallery for paintings, jewelry, pottery and other works of art. Sheer passion for the arts ! Finally, the various exhibitions of Hawkesbury’s Le Chenail Cultural Centre will delight you throughout the year. Take some time to have a delicious coffee to keep you warm after your visit ... The rain will then sound like a symphony!

For beer lovers, connoisseurs or simply seeking great taste, take advantage of these rainy days to tour the region’s four breweries. There are only 75 km from the northeast end to the southwest edge of the circuit; you will thus indulge in a variety of flavors in no time. Visit Beau's All Natural Brewery Co. in Vankleek Hill, Cassel Brewery in Casselman, Tuque de Broue in Embrun and Étienne Brûlé also in Embrun. Make a list of your favorite beers, have your fill and stock up!

Plan a museum tour! The region is home to many well-known and interesting museums. Visit the L’Orignal Old Jail and rise up to the challenge by taking on their escape game. Will you be up to the task and solve the riddles? For a rewarding experience, visit the Macdonell-Williamson House, in Chute-à-Blondeau. It is one of the most striking examples of Georgian-style architecture in Eastern Ontario. This hidden treasure of our region is a must! The Clarence-Rockland Museum will amaze you! Drop by and discover all kinds of remains: antiques, old books, archives, pictures and even a bicentennial map of seigneuries in Eastern Canada! A stop at the Casselman Museum is essential to learn more about the railway heritage of this charming village. Discover a past filled with surprises and anecdotes! One of the most original exhibitions is at the Vankleek Hill Museum. Relics from the 1797-1920 period are on display for everyone to better understand the evolution of human ways and behavior, as showcased through episodes, institutions and personalities of the past. Finally, the Keith M. Boyd Museum invites you to discover the history of the region with its many artifacts and pictures. Prescott-Russell’s Museums: where time stands still… even in the rain!

Halloween for everyone!

Halloween is coming soon and we all have this question in mind: What will my costume be this year? Once you’ve chosen the most original costume, be it a vampire, a mouse or a mermaid, you must carefully choose where we want to spend your Halloween evening! I have some ideas for everyone!

For the more courageous!


On October 26 and 27, a haunted maze is waiting for you at Ouimet Farms Adventure! Escape the monsters while trying to make your way out of the labyrinth ... It will give you chills!

The L’Orignal Old Jail will be haunted for Halloween! Walk by the prison cells, but pay attention: you may see some prisoners’ disgruntled ghosts ...

For the more cautious!


Proulx Maple & Berry Farm invites you to its charming haunted house (not that scary, I promise!) and to its Pumpkin Festival. The course allows you to freely have a look at the Halloween decorations inside! Enjoy the beautiful fall scenery featuring... pumpkins!


Activities of all kinds are held on October 26, at Pioneer Place, in Hawkesbury. Hosts, shows and more! Don’t miss it!



For the sweet teeth!


A Trick or Treat is being held on Main Street, in Hawkesbury, on October 26! From 5 pm to 7 pm, take a stroll up and down the street with your Halloween bag and showcase your costume. Who will have the most candy at the end of the evening?


The Prescott-Russell Tourism team wishes you a happy Halloween!

The end is near for our students!

We already are in September, thus at the end of summer 2018! Since Jasmine and I (Florence) were interns for the summer only, new adventures (and classrooms) are waiting for us.


We have decided to let you in on our favorite events of the summer!


Petite Aventure Desjardins


The entire Prescott-Russell Tourism team was present at the 2018 Petite Aventure Desjardins, on June 30! We cheered on and greeted the brave cyclists who had traveled along the various circuits. We remember ... Oh, it was a scorcher! We were very impressed by the cyclists, especially the little ones, who kept their beautiful smiles even after so many kilometers. We were right beside Jan Amell Photography’s booth and Binerie Plantagenet’s famous Cabane à pètes (Fart Cabin). We had fun in the photobooth and are bringing great memories back home with us!


St-Hyacinthe Exhibition


Jasmine and I went to the St-Hyacinthe exhibition! We loved introducing the Prescott and Russell region to the participants. It's always nice to meet people who are from the region, who have family here, or who are so interested in coming to discover our region! We had a lot of fun with our little game for the young ones (and the formerly young ones!), and with the Exhibition’s mascot (Say Cheese!)


Ottawa Farmers’ Market


This is not an event as such, but it remains one of our favorite experiences. We were fortunate enough to attend the Ottawa Farmers’ Market twice during the summer and we enjoyed every minute of it. First, we met several exhibitors who have their business head office in Prescott and Russell and we discovered several new local products from the region. On top of that, as dog lovers, we were spoiled! Whatever the weather, passersby were always very interested and we got to practice our English!


After a lot of laughs, learning experiences and sometimes unpredictable issues, it is filled with nostalgia that we have to say we’ll see you soon! We really enjoyed our stay with the Prescott-Russell Tourism team and are very grateful for the skills we have acquired over the summer.


Jasmine and Florence

© Photo credit : Simon Laroche Photographie

September, culture month

It’s official: It’s Culture Month in Prescott and Russell! Declared as such by the Prescott-Russell Arts Council, the month of September will be dedicated to the celebration of culture. A plethora of activities will take place to showcase the importance of art, culture and heritage!


Through visual art, music and history, discover what defines the Prescott and Russell region and what makes it so unique!


Several beacons from the tourism industry will take part in Culture Month. For instance, visit the L’Orignal Old Jail, the oldest prison still in operation in Ontario until its closure in 1998, discover the most original exhibitions at the Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre, or escape time at the Macdonell-Williamson House, one of the best examples of Georgian style architecture in Eastern Ontario. Stay tuned, as several events will be taking place over the course of Culture Month!


See the TPRT calendar to learn more about the upcoming activities! Have a great Culture Month!

Plan a family trip...

What could be better than spending time with your family? Here are  activities to in the Prescott-Russell area to plan your family getaway as summer shines on. Both children and adults will be delighted!


What are we doing today?


Papanack Park Zoo, located in Wendover, gives you access to a variety of animal species. Many of them are survivors: the employees take care of them and provide them with a healthy lifestyle. You can buy food on site and feed some of the animals. It's the perfect place to spend a beautiful sunny day!


Calypso Theme Waterpark is the perfect place to cool off during the holidays. With Canada's largest wave pool, over 35 waterslides, 100 water games and two thematic rivers, you'll have a complete day! For the true heat-seekers, don’t worry: the water is fully heated! Nearby, Oasis Mini Golf & Driving Range will entertain you with its enchanting scenery and mist jets all over the course! There are two options for you: the 18-hole course and the 300-yard practice field with distance markers and targets. On site, a canteen serves hot dogs, poutines, ice cream … Yummy in the tummy!


In Vankleek Hill, Ouimet Farms Adventure has just opened for the 2018 season ... It's exciting! Come discover this year's all-new giant corn maze! Make time for other fun activities at the farm: ziplines, trampoline, wagon rides around the farm, go-kart circuits, several team games and, of course, the farm’s market so you can bring back delicious fresh products!

For an educational activity, plan your visit to the L’Orignal Old Jail! Opened in 1925, it is the oldest prison to have been in operation until 1998. Bilingual guided tours are offered. Book your spot in their all new escape game: you'll have 45 minutes to solve enigmas and escape from prison! Will you be up to it?


What are we having for lunch?


Established 120 years ago, the St-Albert Cheese Cooperative Factory will be happy to welcome you and offer you delicious dishes made with their fresh cheese of the day. The poutine and fried curds are definitely not to be missed! Take the opportunity to shop and watch the cheese production process for free!


For pizza lovers, Boboul Pizza - Restaurant & Take-out restaurant will satisfy you. Its relaxed family atmosphere and affordable prices are the perfect mix for a great time with great food!

The Wendover Family Restaurant is also an excellent choice for a delicious meal, be it lunch or dinner. As indicated by its name, families are greeted with open arms! Kids will feast on dishes on a menu designed entirely for them. Enjoy your meal!


Where are we sleeping tonight?


Outdoor enthusiasts, many campgrounds are awaiting your family and yourself. Cedar Shade Campground, Evergreen Camping & Resort and Camping Paradis are the most family-friendly campgrounds in the region! With activities every weekend and water games available all summer long, fun keeps splashing everywhere!


Cedar Drive Bed & Breakfast is truly a family haven! The ambiance is cozy and warm and the stay is refreshing. It even offers year-round discounts to seniors and veterans. On top of that, children 4 and under stay for free!

Located near the Calypso Water Park and Oasis Mini Golf & Driving Range, the Hotel Microtel Casselman is ready to welcome you! With a choice of 61 rooms and suites, the hotel is on the edge of Highway 417, perfect for commuting! The wi-fi and the continental breakfast are included with the reservation … Great service and refined amenities, all perfectly located!


Have a nice and safe trip!

Illuminating the region with festivities!

Scorching sun and long-awaited heat finally showed up, just in time for the beautiful past weekend filled with festivities. Indeed, our summer team was present at the Petite Aventure Desjardins 2018, last Saturday, to greet and energize the many cyclists who ventured on the various circuits. In spite of the heat wave, I had a lot of fun all through the event; fortunately, we were ready to face the sizzle! I was very impressed with all the cyclists, little ones and grown-ups alike, who had kept smiling even after having given it their all through so many kilometers. My favorite part of the event was Jan Amell Photography’ Photo Booth, along with Binerie Plantagenet’s famous Cabane à pète (Fart Shack), where unforgettable moments among friends and family were immortalized! Lots of giggles and pleasure…


Then, last Sunday, we celebrated Canada Day in Clarence-Rockland, at du Moulin Park. I had the opportunity to attend several great showcases, namely the Air Cadets’ parade, as well as performances by Rockland’s own brass band. We underlined this gorgeous day by distributing water tattoos and stickers; we proudly wore our great country’s colors!


We are just about ready for our next appearance, which will be at the Wendover Optimist Western Festival, next Wednesday. I am excited to be able to take part in the 34th edition of this Festival and to discover new artists! Hopefully, we’re in for a lot more balmy days!

TPRT Summer Team Member


Ottawa River Festival

Come for a splash at the Ottawa River Festival, from June 28 to 30, in Rockland, Lefaivre, L’Orignal, Hawkesbury and Chute-à-Blondeau. The program offers a great variety and is sure to include everyone in a dynamic atmosphere: movies under the stars, beer garden, rock and jazz concerts, canoe and kayak races, sea-doo rides, pontoon tours, activities on the beach, community breakfast, hot-dog lunch, community dinner, mobile dairy bar, pirate performances, inflatable structures and watersport equipment rental. The start of the famous Poker Run will also be given.

Finally, the Prescott-Russell Arts Council will be on hand to give creative workshops. Young ones, parents, and young at heart, a plethora of activities is waiting for you, on the water and on the shore. When summer sets in, life is about quality leisure time along the river, with our loved ones, in the warmth of smiles and excitement... with a hint of zest on demand within our reach.

Click on the following images to learn more about the activities.


The Petite Aventure Desjardins 2018

The Petite Aventure Desjardins comes rolling into Prescott and Russell, from June 30 to July 2, as more than 1,700 cyclists will be riding through our great region. Over the course of three days, they will travel anywhere from 126 km to 289 km, depending on the routes they choose. They will be among friends, with their better half or with the entire family and they will be looking to meet new people, to discover hidden gems that only cycling allows and to have a complete sensory experience!

Citizens, business owners, community leaders and visitors, let’s all join forces in welcoming the cyclists and in making sure they go through milestones of friendliness, liveliness and feeling of belonging in providing them with joyful encouragement along their way and at every single one of their stops. Discovering a region by bike is venturing into the open seeking natural, architectural and human landmarks. Let’s show them why Prescott & Russell is known to be one of the most peaceful yet most breathtaking regions in Eastern Canada.

Father's Day bargains!

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to thank the loved one who sometimes us and sometimes motivated us in going beyond expectations. Dear ladies, it is also a unique opportunity to remind the one who contradicts yet complements you how much you love him: working together means walking hand in hand right through the storm. Whether he is a meticulous professional, a seasoned handyman, a velvet figure of authority or an instructor who has been in the thick of things throughout sporting, artistic or club activities that were instrumental in your development, he deserves a token of your gratitude for the inspiration he provides. Being a father is bringing to life way beyond birth.
Be it for a hard-headed yet soft-hearted man or for a career-oriented yet playful man, Prescott-Russell Tourism and its members provide you with gift ideas reminding him that he is first and foremost a family man.
Amphibus Lady Dive & Gray Line Ottawa - Fathers and grand-fathers, get 50% off of a double-decker bus tour of the nation’s capital.

Casselodge B&B - Enjoy packages at the Casselodge B&B. These packages include reflexology treatments, a gift basket, and much more! For more details, click here.
L'Orignal Old Jail - Get tickets for the French play "La dernière pendaison". Hurry up, these tickets sell like hot cakes.
Tickets: THEATER ONLY ($ 22):
DINNER & SHOW ($ 49):
Microtel Casselman - Stay and play in Casselman during Father's Day. The Microtel Casselman hotel will accommodate you after your round of golf at the Casselview Golf & Country Club. To make a reservation, contact the golf club at (613) 798-4653.
Montreal Soaring Council - A gift certificate for a glider flight? Discover the region from a different angle! To order online, click here.

Oasis Mini-Golf and Driving Range - Father's Day bargain .... half-price mini-golf for all dads and grand-dads accompanied by one or more members of the family.

Rockland Sports – Get a FREE bag of wood pellets with the purchase of a new GMG BBQ. For more information, call (613) 446-9559 or view the ad here.
VéloXpress – No tax on purchase of men’s clothes, gloves, helmets or shoes. View the ad here.

Mother's Day bargains!

A mother’s love is unconditional; show her yours is too. Your mother has satisfied your needs, she has worked at fulfilling your desires and indulging your every whim, and she has been an integral part of every event along the way. Each year, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to kindly take a break from your frantic daily life and offer your mother the thoughtful gift she deserves.

Prescott-Russell Tourism and its members provide you with what you need and what she will really like. Show her how much she means to you and how grateful you are, with unwavering sweetness and infinite tenderness.
Abadin B&B - A little time away from home is a great way to spend Mother's Day. Receive 10% off a room reservation. Call (613) 678-0425 to book your stay.
Amphibus Lady Dive & Gray Line Ottawa
- Mothers and grand-mothers, get 50% off of a double-decker bus tour of the nation’s capital.

Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. - Celebrate Mother's Day at Beau's May 12th and 13th. It's a great opportunity to discover the brewery AND the beer! For more details, click here.
Casselodge B&B - Enjoy packages at the Casselodge B&B. These packages include reflexology treatments, a gift basket, and much more! For more details, click here.
Casselview Golf & Country Club - There will be a brunch on May 13th, for Mother's Day. Costs: free for children 5 and under, $ 12.95 for children 12 and under and $ 21.95 for adults. Reservations required (613) 764-4653.
Cedar Drive B&B
– All you busy mothers, take a well-deserved break and stay overnight at the Cedar Drive B&B. Stay between May 10th and May 22nd, 2018 and mention this offer when you make your reservation and receive a 20% discount on the published price for you and your family. Offer only applicable to bookings by phone at (613) 869-5966.
Garden Path Homemade Soap
- Garden Path offers you all kinds of unique gift ideas for Mother's Day. The gardens are in bloom, so a walk around the property would be a relaxing way to spend time together.
L'Orignal Old Jail
- Get tickets for the French play "La dernière pendaison". Hurry up, these tickets sell like hot cakes.
Tickets: THEATER ONLY ($ 22):
DINNER & SHOW ($ 49):
Microtel Casselman - Stay and play in Casselman during Mother's Day. The Microtel Casselman hotel will accommodate you after your round of golf at the Casselview Golf & Country Club. To make a reservation, contact the golf club at (613) 798-4653.
MIFO – The French concert Joly is fast approaching! Why not book your tickets and celebrate your mom on Friday, May 18th. To buy tickets, click here.
Montreal Soaring Council - A gift certificate for a glider flight? Discover the region from a different angle! To order online, click here.

Nation Golf Club - There will be a brunch for Mother's Day, on May 13th, from 10 am to 2 pm. Reservations required (613) 673-3333.
Oasis Mini-Golf and Driving Range - Mother's Day bargain .... half-price mini-golf for all moms and grandmothers accompanied by one or more members of the family.

Petals 1865 B&B - The Petals 1865 B&B is offering you half price on your second night stay only during Mother's Day weekend (May 13th to 15th). For more details or to reserve a room, call (450) 451-5693.

Place 19-67 - There will be a brunch for Mother's Day, on May 13th. Reservations recommended (613) 673-5220.

River Rock Inn - Book Mother's Day brunch at the River Rock Inn, from 11 am to 2 pm, in collaboration with Plantagenet’s La cuisine Jean-Bernard. Reservations required (613) 446-6710. For more details, click here.

Golf season is upon us

Fore!!! Golf season is upon us, and the clubs in the area have unforgettable experiences awaiting their guests! One hour from Ottawa, Montreal, the Laurentians and the US border, discover Prescott-Russell and its charming golf courses, where there are fun and challenges for everyone. Take a peek at our favourites:
Casselview Golf & Country Club
Hawkesbury Golf & Curling
Nation Golf Club
Rockland Golf Club

The campgrounds in the region

In the mood for relaxing in front of a cozy campfire? Longing to lounge on a warm sandy beach or around a swimming pool? Would you rather sleep under the starlit night sky or in the comfort of your RV?
Whatever you choose, in Prescott-Russell, you will find the campground that will meet your needs and fulfill your desires! We invite you to click on the following links to discover the different services offered by the campgrounds in the region.
Cedar Shade Campground
Camping Paradis
East Haven Sun Club
Evergreen Camping & Resort
L'Orignal Camping
Voyageur Provincial Park

Tapping right into Sugar Season!

Spring is in the air... coated with maple syrup. Come and indulge yourself in the rustic confines of Prescott-Russell's sugar shacks. Maple products are featured in a charming and ever-contemporary setting, perfect for family and friendly gatherings and for a well-deserved delight after a quite challenging winter. Come and taste it right at the source!
Bean Town Ranch - March 10 to April 8 2018 (Link to event)
(613) 673-5894
2891 N Plantagenet Concession 3, Plantagenet, ON K0B 1L0

Drouin Farm - (Link to event)
(613) 764-2181 (Yves)
1230 route 400 east, Casselman, ON K0A 1M0

Proulx Farm - February 25 to April 15 2018 (Link to event)
(613) 833-2417
1865 O'Toole, Cumberland, ON K4C 1N2

Station 4 Saisons - March 10 to April 8 2018 (Link to event)
(613) 487-3412
1422 Lavigne, Hammond, ON K0A 2A0

Family Day: bonding beyond binding

On Monday, February 19, we're all in with the family. The time is perfect to join in on winter fun, to get some natural blush from the smooth cold and the stunning sun and to jump into activities only the snow allows. For one whole day, video games can cool off, while family ties among parents and children, siblings, and mother and father tighten around what's essential in life: family activities where warmth, complicity and energy boost prevail. Why not go out skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or skidooing?

The region is filled with some of the most picturesque sites providing a wide range of possibilities and an atmosphere that is peaceful yet enticing, reassuring yet intriguing. So, have a blast or take it easy, set the kid in you free for one day, without having to go that far, as happiness is right around the corner. Reunions don't have to be with childhood friends or long-lost cousins: it can happen within your own household. Family Day: bonding beyond binding.

Casselman - See activities

We ❤️ this month!

Valentine's Day is a soft and silky mist through the winter crystals and flurries. We must then take the time to tell those around us how much we love them, granted, but we must also show them that very love. Sweethearts, parents and children, all must rest and refuel for a short while and revel through the gems of our region, making sure to take in its many delights.

In fact, winter activities are at their peak, which means it is the perfect opportunity to press pause and stop the frenzy by enjoying the great outdoors our splendid region provides with those we love. After a snowshoeing or cross-country skiing excursion, a skidoo ride or an ice-fishing stand, what is more appropriate than a refreshment and a nice dinner, be it in a peaceful setting or in a spirited atmosphere?

The region sure offers breathtaking vantage points at almost every turn on the forest trails, in the far, where the fields meet the sky, and along the rivers. What could be more romantic and more significant than taking the time to warm the heart and spark the senses of our beloved ones whose presence guards us from the cold.

Brian's Bar & Grill - (613) 764-1800 - Get 15% OFF per couple
Casselodge B&B - (613) 443-1838 - Valentine Romance Package for two (learn more)
Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm - (613) 488-3077 - "Be My Valentine" wine gift basket. A bottle of white wine (apple) and red wine (strawberry) all wrapped for $25. Order today!

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